Mei's Moments (4 Months)

Weight: 15 pounds
Length: 25 inches

Mei is becoming so fun. She is more beautiful every day. Her cheeks are so adorable and kissable. Alex said, "Her cheeks look like balloons!" Sometimes when she smiles she has to look away because she is just so happy and her body starts dancing. I love her smiling soul.

Model baby

Her head is perfect.

Whoa! Giant bow!

I love fresh and clean babies!

Pretty girl got her crazy eyes from Daddy.

She has no neck.

Daddy is not very good at keeping her away from the TV.

Her eyes are so wise.

Stop looking at me like I'm crazy!

Chips or baby?

"Chocolate apple as big as my head and I don't get any of it?!"

Where are you going, baby?

Countdown to launch!

Bouncing like a maniac.

Her eye is looking so much better!

Throw your hands up! Party!

We had a few cold nights. Mei was not a fan!

Sunday stretches!

Mei has cheeks on cheeks.

Declan is her biggest fan.

Good morning, beautiful! How was your night?

A bum that fits in my hand is my favorite kind of bum.

What?! She was just born and now she's holding things!

Found her hands! Not sure what they are yet though.

Bundled up

Naps with Daddy are usually very long naps.

Daddy is asleep, baby is not.

"This guy is thinking about falling asleep. Take me away!"

"Can't breathe. Face purple." (She was really being choked and we didn't know. Worst parents ever.)

Her face is so relaxed while she sleeps. I must smooch her.

She loves kneeling next to us like this.

Chunky thighs

She found a baby smaller than her!

I love trying to snatch that tongue.

Ruffles on her bum.

Alex gets cuddles in whenever he can.

She had to be turned sideways in her bed because she no longer fits the short way.

The cutest Daisy Duck.

She likes to be propped up so she can see everything around her.


It was a crazy hair day.

Want more Mei? She...
...fake coughs when she wants attention. She does not cry when she wakes up. Instead I hear little coughs coming from her room.
...has not rolled over.
...sleeps through the night almost every night. She nursed 189 times this month, usually every 3-4 hours.
...is as close to perfect as I can imagine.


Mei's Moments (3 Months)

Weight: 13 pounds, 10 ounces
Length: 24.5 inches

This month has flown by. It is so hard to think of Mei as a three-month-old. She changes so much every day. She has steadily gained around two pounds for each month of her life. She also grew two inches in the past month! My feelings for her have been well-documented. I love everything about this little girl. Someone asked me today if the fourth child was hard and I said I feel like I only added 1/4 of the difficulty of usually adding a child. She is a wonderful baby and I hope she stays so calm, yet still willing to voice her opinion.

Big brother snuggles

She pulled the blanket over the top of her.

This dress was given to us by a lady from church. She said she saw it and had to buy it for Mei.

Those cheeks!

She smiles at anyone who smiles at her. Her whole body wiggles when she smiles.

She sleeps the best in my bed.

I like to sneak in and snuggle her.

They aren't pajamas if you put a bow on?

Triple stroller!

Everyone around here is crazy!

This is my favorite bow and we lost it at the zoo!

I could stare at these faces all day.

Something exciting over there?

So judgy!

Thank you for the adorable blanket, Aunt Alexis!

That's a bad hair day!

Adorable outfits from Olivia!


Mei pushed her feet against the seat to scoot up.

Sound asleep and her hands are never far away from her face.

Peeking to see if there is something worth waking up for.

Her clogged tear duct has gotten out of control this month.

My little actress baby.

She is too big for swaddling clothes.

I love the way baby hips open.

She can sleep anywhere, anytime.

I cannot keep track of weeks, so we are in months from now on!


Want more Mei? She...
...is drooly. Always blowing bubbles.
...loves eating her fingers. If she is almost asleep or almost awake, guaranteed her fingers are in her mouth.
...hates lying flat on her back unless she is in her bed about to go to sleep. Otherwise she crunches to try to sit up more.
...was sick for a couple of weeks at the beginning of month and it was so sad to hear her breathing through her little congested nose.
...no longer relaxes on our chests.
...loves watching her brothers run around.
...is starting to get distracted while nursing.
...has brown eyes. It is very strange because they went straight from gray to brown, never blue!
...gets hangry. She can be soothed unless she is in her carseat, then the only way to calm her is to feed her.
...nursed 212 times this month for a total of 3,038 minutes. She eats approximately every 3-5 hours. She goes to bed around 9pm and sleeps for 8-10 hours. Basically, she is the best.

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