Cornell basketball

We went to the Cornell vs. Brown basketball game on Saturday. It was our first Cornell basketball game and it was Alex's first time attending a basketball game!

He was supposed to go to sleep about an hour before the game ended and he was exhausted. The arena seats about 4,400 people so it is pretty small. But they still had the full band there so it was very loud. Also, the band would often play over the music that was already playing (which seemed to be a Lady Gaga marathon).

We were in the student section so we stood the whole time. Alex started out confused by the noise. Then after about an hour and a half, he got sad. But not crying sad, just tired sad.

I have noticed that he doesn't cry if it is really loud around him. He just looked at me like I was torturing him. The noise was not constant so every time Cornell would make a shot, the crowd would cheer and he would get scared again.

The cheers were... creative? Here are some of my favorites:
  • "If you're Brown, go sit down."
  • "I'm blind, I'm deaf, I wanna be a ref."
  • "Poop is brown."
  • "Safety school." I don't know why, but calling another Ivy League university a "safety school" is really funny to me.

There were a few other things that surprised me:
  • During the national anthem, where it says, "And the rockets' red glare..." everyone screamed, "RED!" It scared me!
  • When they announced the Brown players, everyone in the student section turned around and faced away from the court. Then the announcer would say a player's name and everyone would shout, "SUCKS!" after they finished saying the name. It was funny and sad. But mostly funny.
  • Many of the cheers had profanity in them. It was definitely something I had never experienced at BYU. I kind of felt like Cornell was booing the other team more than cheering for their own.

Cornell ended up winning 74-60 and it was fun but maybe we will wait to take Alex to another one until next season.


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

Its really funny to imagine a Ivy league school like cornell acting like they were in highschool.
Humorous and poor Alex. Was he asleep in the last picture? If not he looks so sad and distressed

Brea said...

The picture of Sam and Alex is just precious!

Geevz said...

I didn't catch that they were playing the school Brown at first and thought they were telling the "brown" people (aka latinos) to go sit down.

I've spent too much time at school today.

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