Hand in hand forever.

Four Valentine's Days we've had together.
I'm still undecided as to if you'd rather
Have chocolates and bears and roses and kisses.
But believe me when I say, "I am glad to be your Mrs."

You listen to me talk all day and all night.
You know how to respond without causing a fight.
You kiss me and cuddle and I can feel you care.
Please know, you are always welcome in my lair.

Alex loves you and watches all you do.
I can't blame him because I do that, too.
Our Cute Little Devil requires I am his fan,
But you are still my number one man.

You are well aware that poetry is not my strength.
So just know that I've gone a great length
To tell you I love you and always will.
You and me, baby, together we can chill.


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

Emily this is amazing!
You are so inspiring!

ames said...

i love it. Sam is lucky to have such a creative wife

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