Mmmm, peas!

After a week of rice cereal, I fed Alex peas.

I had read that peas were the least desirable of all baby food flavors so I decided to try that first.

I definitely did not expect Alex to react the way he did.

He thought it was disgusting!

Yet, he would still open his mouth for more!

I tasted the peas and they tasted like mashed canned peas.

Canned peas are the worst way to eat peas so it is unfortunate. I will not tolerate a picky eater though! He is going to have a lot of peas in his future! I am excited to feed him bananas and applesauce to see what he thinks of those!

Please watch this video. It is amazing!


Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

Poooooor baby :(

Anna said...

Aww...cute. Grace didn't like baby food peas very much, but LOVES canned peas now. She asks for them all the time. Weird. I'm glad Alex is a good sport. :)

lindsay said...

i am cracking up right now! that gag couldn't have been timed better. And i LOVE that you say you will not tolerate a picker eater! I'm so with you there!

Rachel said...

Those facial expressions are priceless. :)

Holly Janeen said...

i am with you on the amazingness of the video. and the amazingness of your child. and the amazingness of your motherhood. happy VDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine Glad said...

Ha. Ha. Alex has some of the cutest facial expressions! I bought a baby food grinder at target and made my own baby food It saved me tons!

Camille Elise said...

OH! Do please put more videos up of him. He makes my day so much better...especially when he almost up-chucks. What would be a better video is if you get food spit on you cause he dislikes it so much. :O jk. No, but really, I enjoyed this video. hahaha.

Kristine L. said...

Haha, that face/gag was HILARIOUS. Babies are so weird... they gag when they eat the food, but still want more.

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