Alex was not very happy on the day I tried to give him pears. He was having a little bit of stranger anxiety because of his Uncle Sheldon. I did not know that stranger anxiety started so early but it does and Alex is struggling with new people. He eventually warmed up to Sheldon but he especially liked to look at him from across the room. Oh well. I thought the pears were delicious. Definitely my favorite so far.

His favorite part.

I don't know about this!

I'd like it if I wasn't still crying.


Roo said...

He is adorable. CHanges everytime I see him. Which I don't see you enough!

Rachel said...

The first picture of him with tears in his eyes holding the pears is super adorable.

The Paxton Family said...

i agree about the pears being much better than any of the veggies :-)
Alex is growing so fast! It's funny to see it in someone else's baby, people would say that to me all the time "they are getting so big" and i would laugh because my baby was still my baby... now i get it!
Enjoy the baby food stage, they get MUCH pickier later, when you have to figure out healthy lunches for them other than mac and cheese or pb & j sandwiches!

Spencer and Anna said...

I think Alex looks a little like Stephen in the first picture. Cute. :)

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