Two sick babies

Alex started coughing on Sunday night and we took him to the doctor only to find he has RSV. A few days after that, I started having a sore throat so I went to the doctor as well. I have the common cold. We are Sam's two sick babies. Hopefully we will start feeling better soon because it is really hard to take care of a screaming, hoarse, coughing baby when I am exhausted, too!


Anna said...

Feel better soon!!!

Kyle & Rebecca Monson said...

ahh!! Isn't RSV pretty dangerous? Sorry not to be weird but my brother-in-law had RSV as a baby when he was 6 months old and my mom-in-law told me it was scary....is this stil true? I'm nervous about Hailey as she gets to the 6 month mark....Thanks!!


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

awww. Hope you feel better soon, it is all this cold weather.

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