The week we went to Utah

Alex and I went to Utah to visit Keaton. I was so excited to meet my newest nephew. He is a pretty big baby and yet I do not remember when Alex was so small. After picking up Keaton, Alex felt like a chunk. Also, Keaton's head is teensy tiny and Alex's is "like an orange on a toothpick." I had a lot of fun visiting. Here are some of our adventures:

Sleeping in the airport.

So tired once with got to Micheldon's (Michelle + Sheldon) house.

Keaton and Sheldon

We went on a walk and Michelle really bundled up Keaton!

He is getting more interested in walks.

We saw some ducks.

All the toys around and he wants to eat the changing pad.

Always on the move.

Playing at Grandpa and Grandma Merkley's.

Stranger anxiety again...

Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Emily

Keaton stretching

Making friends

Hanging out with the Judds.

Kayla and Alex

Sheldon and Keaton

Getting some gelato.

He loved playing with this balloon.

Laura, Alex, Matthew, and Keaton

Chad, Chelsey, Alex, Kayla, and Grandpa Hilton

Alex and Chelsey

Keaton with his Great Grandma!

Keaton does not like tummy time very much yet.

Alex getting used to Uncle Sheldon.


Bridget said...

Alex is a cute sleeper. And what a traveler! You two are always jetting off to somewhere, it seems.

Roo said...

Looks like fun. Always nice to have some family time!!

The Paxton Family said...

I love the picture "making friends" Alex looks SOOO happy in it! Really cute! :-)

Randi said...

That looks like so much fun. I love visiting family. I can't wait til I can post tons of adorable pics of my kids. I think I will have lots more interesting things to post about too.

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