Alex is aging! (7 months)

This little son of ours is the most precious thing in the world. Everything he does makes us laugh. Each night, Sam and I thank God for blessing us with this bundle of joy. There is no way we can capture or remember each thing Alex does. We would need to record him 24 hours a day. He is growing up so quickly and he is learning new things all the time. Pictures no longer capture everything Alex is doing because he is always moving around. We can't set him somewhere and expect him to be anywhere near that place when we come back.

Weight: 15 pounds, 3 ounces
Length: 26.5 inches

He loves paper! We can't keep it out of his mouth.

He scooted up to the diaper bag, pulled out a toy, played with it for a few seconds, threw it on the ground, and went back for another toy.

He sat in a real high chair at a restaurant.

He wore a seatbelt on the airplane (just for a minute).

Everything goes into his mouth.

He loves cords and shoelaces.

He turns around to play. He needs some privacy.

He is getting used to a sippy cup.

He immediately heads straight for paper when he sees it.

He climbs over/around/through everything.

He loves playing in his carseat when he doesn't have to be strapped in.

Books are his most favorite toy.

He loves anything that crinkles.

If it fits in his hand and mouth then it is the perfect toy.

He is still obsessed with mirrors.

He has tried rice cereal, peas, pears, and carrots.

He makes cute faces.

He hangs out in his bathrobe.

Mommy looked away for two seconds and he had the lid off!

He loves banging on laptops.

He makes adorable faces when he is concentrating.

This boy is always getting into weird places.

He met his younger cousin.

He saw some sights from an airplane.

His carseat straps got moved up.

He takes off his shoes and eats them.

He knows he is cute.

He has accidents.

He just hangs out and plays all day.

He will not stay on his back while getting a diaper change. He rolls over and takes off as soon as he is naked.

He just relaxes and watches the Olympics.

He prefers the tags on toys the most.

Laughing with Mommy's cousin.

He plays in blankets.

He plays with the air.

He talks to (not in) cell phones.

He spins in circles.

He laughs and dances.

He helps out around the house.

He loves the mirror and the camera.

He scoots around!

We torture our son in the following ways:

Atomic wedgies.

We hang him upside down and do tricep curls.

We make him have no legs.

We tickle his feet.

We put him in funny hats.

We don't help him when he gets stuck in awkward positions.

We let his little bum hang out.

We stick him in the snow.

We blow on his belly/back.

Here are a few more things Alex does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...will tip himself over and hit his head on the ground. He does not cry at all. Instead, he makes his way to his chest and scoots to wherever he wants to go.
...does not like his pacifier very much anymore. We touch it to his chin and say, "Do you want this?" He will either open his mouth or turn his head away.
...grabs faces and bottom lips.
...opens and closes his hand like he is waving.
...immediately relaxes when we massage his ears.
...tries to put things in his mouth even if he already has a pacifier in. He will either keep knocking the object on the pacifier or spit out the pacifier in order to get the new thing in his mouth.
...is getting so strong and had to move up the crib bar.
...is getting so tall and had to move up the Exersaucer.
...will not fall asleep until he is very fatigued if there is anything exciting going on around him. He just keeps playing until he is completely wiped out.
...sees his swaddle blanket and starts laughing because he is so excited to go to bed.


Randi said...

I love that he's putting everything in his mouth... haha, he just looks cute when he does it. I also love seeing all the ways you guys "torture" him. Hahaha. You are so funny. He is so darn cute!! I wish we lived closer.

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

You are awesome!
I miss you.

Melissa said...

I love his "faces". What a cutie!

The Paxton Family said...

You are so amazing to take all that time to upload pictures and write captions and capture everything that your son is doing now. I can't BELIEVE he's 7 months! May I be cliche for a minute and say that "it seems like just yesterday you were at the hospital with him!" LOL, but so true!
He really is such a cute baby!

Janelle said...

I love how his mother and daddy play with him and love him. He is happy because he knows he is loved.

Jason & Shannon said...

What a cute baby! Sounds like he is very exciting and keeps you very busy!

Burke family said...

What a cutie! We are right there with you on everything goes in the mouth... especially paper. Why do they love soggy yucky paper in their mouths?! These little ones keep us on our toes, huh?!

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