I know the Olympics have been over for a few weeks, but they consumed a couple of weeks of my life this winter so I wanted to write a few things. I like the Summer Olympics much more than the Winter Olympics. At any other time, if I saw the biathlon come on tv, I would not watch it. I only watch it because it has the magic of the Olympics accompanying it and that makes it fun. Here are a few things I will remember:
  • Nodar, the luger, from Georgia. A somber beginning to the Olympics. I wish they had not said it was "athlete error."
  • I noticed that the announcers were as focused on Canadian Olympians as they were American Olympians. It seems that we have an unrequited love for the Canadians.
  • During the closing ceremony, they made fun of the torch not working properly in the opening ceremony. That was very impressive and funny.
  • The Canadians wore the most hideous outfits at the closing ceremony.
  • I love Olympic montages. They are so moving and I was in tears many times.
  • Ohno gave such a tacky response after being disqualified. Now he knows how it feels to be on the other side of that deal.
  • Joannie Rochette gave a very memorable performance. Ice skating is more beautiful if it is more than a routine.
  • Shaun White was incredible. His personality cracks me up.
  • Remember that time U.S. beat Canada in hockey? That was awesome. Although, I am glad Canada won the gold medal. I think they appreciate it more.
I love the Olympics so much. I had way too many late nights but I won't change anything the next time the Olympics come around.

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