Spring Break in D.C.

At BYU, we never had Spring Break. Cornell does not hate all holidays though! We had a very intense Spring Break in Washington D.C. It was completely full of sight-seeing and playing with long-lost friends! It was so much fun and we are already looking forward to next year!

The goal was to earn more money on this trip than we spent. It didn't end up working that way but we were close! The grand total of this vacation was...

Monday, March 22nd
Holocaust Museum, Supreme Court Building, Library of Congress, Capitol Building, National Museum of American History, White House

Tuesday, March 23rd
Mount Vernon, Arlington National Cemetery, Iwo Jima/Marine Corps War Memorial, Air Force Memorial, Pentagon Memorial, Ben's Chili Bowl

Wednesday, March 24th
National Archives Experience, National Museum of Natural History, Naval Memorial, Air and Space Museum, Botanic Garden

Sam in the flight simulator.

A Chinese man at the Botanic Garden came up and asked to take a picture of Alex. I wish I had taken a picture of him taking a picture. It cracked me up.

Thursday, March 25th
Work in Baltimore.

Friday, March 26th
Visit Whitni Jo at Southern Virginia University!

Alex playing during lunch.

Saturday, March 27th
Washington National Cathedral, Cherry Blossom Festival with the Jewells, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, FDR Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, World War II Memorial, World War I Memorial, dinner with the Jewells and David, Jazz/Wizards game

Alex cheering at the game!

Sunday, March 28th
Church with the Stephensons, Washington D.C. temple, lunch with David and Nikki, drive home!


Britt said...

How in the world would you earn money on vacation?!?!?! Those are the kind of trips that I need to be taking! I'm super jealous that you get a spring break- wish I had one :)

The Harker's said...

I am a little jealous you got to spend more time there. You guys got to see many more fun things then we did! It is really funny we never ran into each other last Saturday though.:) Or maybe we did and didn't know it!

Kristen Sheranian said...

Wow that looks like it took forever to do. You did so much more than we did. I am glad you got to see everything. Good job on all the layouts. We are so glad we could at least hang out one of the days!

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

How did you earn money?!
Im so glad we hung out. thanks for coming down.
PS glad you made it to the DC Temple. Its beautiful

Burke family said...

Wow! I'm seriously impressed with all you were able to do! You packed it in! And how did we not run into each other?! I'm laughing at the blacksmith picture at Mount Vernon because we saw the exact same guy doing the exact same thing... but somehow we didn't see you. Glad you all had fun.

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

Looks like you had tons of fun! I'm jealous you get to do so much sight-seeing :) Fun, fun, fun!

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