Alex is aging! (8 months)

I cannot believe it. Really. There is no way that my tiny little baby was born eight months ago. Maybe I am just really dumb, but I cannot comprehend how time has passed by so quickly. Alex has learned and grown so much and we have had lots of adventures in eight months. Many people have said that they do not think Alex knows how to cry. That is very untrue. He cries but somehow still manages to be cute. He is usually very happy though. I miss my immobile baby but I also love seeing Alex crawl toward something and stick it in his mouth then when I take it away he will grab something else and stick it in his mouth. It is a never-ending cycle. Alex makes Sam and me so happy.

Weight: 16 pounds, 3 ounces
Length: 26.5 inches

He crawls under his toys.

He gets stuck in his toys.

He wears his toys like a hat.

He eats Daddy's hats.

He hangs out with no shoes on.

He is a plumber.

He judges people.

He eats cars.

He plays with toys (almost) naked.

He drinks from the faucet.

He sleeps on top of his toys.

He is a messy eater.

He climbs up on everything.

He has a seductive pose.

He has lots of toys but chooses the wrapper.

He steals toys from his friends.

He rides around (and pulls Mommy's hair).

He wears Daddy's pants on his head.

He crawled into the bathroom, peed on the ground, and crawled out. He's potty trained!

He no longer has the winter cover on his carseat!

He loves playing like this in his carseat.

He loves grabbing the camera.

He cheers for BYU.

And looks cute while doing it.

He rides around in shopping carts.

He wants to be right on top of the laptop.

He loves playing in the kitchen and bathroom.

He crawls right out of his pants.

He eats his diaper basket.

He stands in funny positions.

He licks leftover smoothies.

He learns names of far-away family members.

He looks very handsome in his Sunday clothes.

He gets excited to eat.

He always holds onto to his "handle bars."

He loves his carseat now and sleeps very well in it.
He loves sleeping with toys in his hands.

He laughs at everything when he is tired.

He loves eating the tags on toys.

He gets the hiccups while laughing.

He waves at me.

He is a fast crawler.

He talks with his mouth full.

His "talking" has changed.

He is a future alcoholic.

He loves the spinning tassel.

He talks instead of sleeping.

Baby slam dunk.

He beats up his friends.

He grunts.

He wasn't eating solids very well anymore so we had to make it more fun.

He sits up on his own.

He gets so excited when Sam gets home.

He goes crazy with his toys.

He loves "reading" books.

We torture our son in the following ways:

We put [clean] diapers on his head.

We put him in the washing machine.

We don't pay attention and he grabs scissors.

We joke about making him wear this.

We [Emily] make him look like a girl.

We look away and he crawls into the ExerSaucer. Ouch.

We fix his posture.

We let him dump water on himself.

We don't get him dressed all day.

We feed him sick things like Chicken Noodle dinner.

Here are a few more things Alex does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...is very drooly. We are interested to see what kind of scary he looks with teeth.
...is fascinated by light switches.
...has longer hair and it's becoming a 'fro.
...has some extremely nasty poop (I have a picture but wanted to spare you).
...pulls himself up on the dishwasher.
...pushes a little ball and then chases after it.
...hangs his tongue out like a doggy.
...turns toys over in his hands. I love watching him discover a new way to play with each toy.
...splashes a lot during bath time.
...sounds more mature. He is making new sounds like "dada." We won't count it until he knows what it means.
...crawls up to us and puts his arms up to be picked up.
...is extremely small for his age.
...squeals and laughs very freely.
...is very stable and is learning how to shift his weight.
...does weird things. One night after he had been asleep for 10 minutes, he suddenly started screaming, I went into his room and he was jamming his pacifier into his mouth upside down.
...pulls himself up on our legs and gets into very precarious positions.
...fell off the bed three times (bad parents).
...figured out how to look in his mirror then in the rearview mirror so he can see my face while driving.
...hugs our legs while we are cooking/shaving. He hugs our legs just begging to be held.
...has a big head. It is outgrowing his body!
...puts in his own pacifier.
...drools a ton. No teeth yet though!
...will not allow me to rest my hand on his side while he is nursing. He will lift up my hand and move it.
...was supposed to be sleeping and I peeked into his room and he was sitting up in his crib.
...tries to hold onto the toys he has while reaching for more.
...crawls up to me and rests his head on my foot or leg.
...looks up at the person holding him.
...was trying to push his hat off but he tipped over.
...will crawl toward something and stop crawling and reach for it. Then he will realize he is not close enough and he will crawl a few more inches.
...will crawl with one arm out while reaching for something.
...always wants to sleep on his right side.
...will crawl around while keeping a toy in his hand.
...while standing against something, he will bend over to pick up a toy and then he will stand back up.
...is always kneeling.
...will keep his face toward me but will stand up on his feet and stick his butt in the air when he is nursing while lying down.
...has mastered moving from crawling to sitting and sitting to crawling.
...has been to 15 states.


Melissa said...

These posts are so fun! Good job potty training already :) Hilarious!

Bryan and Ellie said...

15 states! No way! Gotta love the East Coast. Oh, I love seeing these pictures of him. Can't wait to see him in person in a week-and-a-half!

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