Alex is going to be a stud!

Columbus has the most amazing baby/kid thrift store. Everything there is in very good condition and I was able to get four books for 80 cents/each! I also found tons of toys similar to the ones I had as a child. My favorite purchases from the most recent trip were two Sunday outfits for Alex. They are still too big but I am excited for when he finally fits them! See more Saturday Steals here.


Rose said...

Emily! What cute little outfits! Sounds like a really cook store. whats it called?

Also, how are you making these awesome photo collages with text?! I think they are so cool and creative.

Merkley Jiating said...

It is called Once Upon a Child.

I make the collages in PhotoShop. I emailed Hillary so hopefully she will tell me how she does hers without using PhotoShop. It seems like she does hers right in blogger.

Kristen Sheranian said...

Cute blog! I love the font. You figured out how to do the two columns. It looks really great! Good Job. See you really need to teach that blog class for the ward!

The Paxton Family said...

AMAZING finds! I LOVE argyle sweaters! :-) He IS going to be the stud of nursery!

Camille said...

Cute finds, and such steals! Thanks so much for participating in Saturday Steals; I hope you make a habit of it.

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