Do we get points for trying?

Cornell's baseball team was pretty bad but we had fun anyway. The field was awesome (all turf except for the pitcher's mound and around home plate). The fences are very low and there is a parking lot right next to the field. Surprisingly only one car was hit. The weather was perfect and hopefully we will be able to make it to another game this season.

Alex almost stabbed out his eye with a chopstick.

Alex still doesn't like the grass too much.


Ben and Dena said...

He's getting so big! I also can't wait to see him in those GQ clothes! Love thrift stores!

The Paxton Family said...

haha, i think it was more SAM almost stabbed Alex's eye out :-) i think you are so amazing at documenting everything for Alex with pictures and videos! He is so luck to have a mom like you! And his future wife too! Jordan doesn't necessarily care to watch all of his old movies, but I think they are ADORABLE to watch ;-)
Good job!

Camille Elise said...

omg! I had to watch the chopstick video again! Poor little kid. Reminds me of when my dad was playing with Candi's son and he was throwing him up in the air...only, he didn't realize the ceiling was so close...yep, definitely threw Andrew into the ceiling. It was SO sad.

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