Looking back...

As I hear and read about all of my college friends graduating, I can't help but think of my graduation last April and everything we have experienced since. We have been so blessed and I cannot count the number of amazing things that have happened. Of course, as a part of life, we have also had a few trials, but overall the last year has been incredible. I would not trade it for anything.

Since my graduation, we have lived in two states and visited fourteen others. We had a baby. We are nearing the end of the second semester of graduate school. I think we did a couple of things in between as well. :)

25 weeks pregnant. The gown doesn't help my cause.

I wish the best to my family members and close friends who are graduating this year...

My sister-in-law, Laura. So sweet and although our personalities are completely different, she somehow fits perfectly into our family like she was made to be a member.
Oh, Laura. Now you are wearing that awesome hat!

My cousin, Kayla. General Mills is not going to know what hit them. This business-degree-toting girl is one of a kind and is such a smarty pants.
I miss our weekly swims. I'll come visit you in Arizona.

My best friend, Whitni. We both have very strong personalities and I cannot believe we have been able to get along for so many (15?) years. She could kick your butt in multiple sports, make you laugh, and prepare dinner all at the same time. Too many talents. One day, she is going to be a great mom.
After we jumped out of a plane.

I am sure these girls have a year full of adventures ahead of them as well. Isn't it fun to realize how many things can change in life in one short year? I wonder what will happen in the next year.


The Macks said...

Awww Swimming...miss it. And I'm very excited to be living in your home state! YAY for Arizona and no more snow!

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

Emily you are amazing.
:-) Love you-
ps your comment teared me up. ;-)

The Paxton Family said...

isn't it crazy what a year will do to your life? good luck on the next 365 days!

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