Soaking up the sun.

It has been so warm here in Ithaca so we went to the park to enjoy it. We are looking forward to many more park days and I am excited for when Alex begs me to take him outside.

I thought I was recording his first experience swinging but I must have pushed the button twice because the recording was only one second long. That makes me very sad because Alex started cracking up. He loves the swings!


Alex trying to figure out the grass.

It's too dirty.

Playing with Daddy.

I have seen this pose before!



So happy.

I love when he smiles.

Playing on the playground equipment.

Down the slide with Daddy.

I love these four feetsies.

What is this in my hand?

How do leaves taste?

He was happiest playing on this plastic thing. It was clean.


Bryan and Ellie said...

Sam and Alex both look very handsome in their pictures. Sam, you are rockin' that argyle sweater. :-)

Rebecca said...

ha so cute. I love your photos, you always take great ones!

Spencer and Anna said...

Swing smiles are some of the best smiles I've ever seen. :)

Michelle said...

If you think Alex likes the leaves now, wait til he gets fresh, crispy ones in the fall. He might just find a substitute for his paper addiction. hehehe.

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