Cousin-ly Love

Sam and I were laughing so hard while watching this video that we were crying. Keaton's face at the end kills me.

Today marks the last day of posting every day for a month. I have been behind on blogging since we moved to Texas. It feels great to be all caught up. Hallelujah!


Naomi Mae said...

Ok, so at first I was watching and chuckling about how Alex was throwing very nicely onto Keaton's lap and then having to go chase after every ball that Keaton threw to him. But thinking in my head, why is Emily laughing so hard at this, cute but not hilarious.
Then I saw the end and Keaton's face, and I laughed so hard Jordan came in the room.
Sam's "oh, right in the face" is almost as funny as Keaton's big grin!

p.s. I like having a computer again, so I can watch your videos :-)

Steve Neil said...

Feeling inspired by your "blog post a day for 30 days", I would like to say out loud what my accomplishment for the month of November is.

I drug my carcass out of bed each and every day of the month. Not one day did I fail to do this.

So, that wind in your back young lady might just be me coming from behind, or maybe just a gust from me plopping back down on my bed.

Love, Dad

Naomi Mae said...

Haha, I forgot I already read/watched this post. But I did it again.

And I laughed again.

And then I laughed at your Dad's comment.

Seriously, you have a cool family.

Geevz said...

Way to go! That is hard work!

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