SLB Christmas Party

Sam and I were very excited for the SLB Christmas party. It was our first time going to a work Christmas party. A Laurel from our ward babysat for us that night so she came home with us from the ward Christmas party. We changed into fancier clothes, I quickly nursed Edison, we gave the babysitter instructions, and then we were off. This was our first time having someone else put down Edison for bed. It went really well and he didn't wake up for her at all.

We were giddy on the drive to the party. Okay, so maybe just I was giddy. Sam looks bored. I got my dress from my cousin. Trying to make it modest was a little ridiculous. I was wearing two undershirts. One for the cleavage and one for the sleeves. It ended up totally ruining the dress, but the only black bolero I have ties in the front and would have ruined the look even more.


Dinner was amazing. We ate once, and then once we moved tables to sit by people Sam knew, we ate again. I didn't have my camera or phone (left it with the babysitter) so I didn't take any pictures once we got to the party. Luckily other people were camera happy that night.

Alcohol was free. People were definitely taking advantage of it. You may notice some peoples' (especially the guy in the front) eyes are glazed over. In this picture, I only know one person. Her name is Saranya (directly behind the guy in the middle) and she was in Cornell's ILR program with Sam. She works in Houston.


They did door prizes every hour. They gave out tons of gifts cards to various places ($50, $100, and $150). The final prizes were two round-trip tickets anywhere in the US and then two round-trip tickets anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, we did not win anything.

We got our picture taken. It is awful and so awesome. It makes me laugh every time I see it. I look pregnant and Sam is trying to be taller than me. Amazing.


I finally got over being shy and decided to dance with Saranya and the other girls. Then they dragged Sam onto the dance floor. Wow. I don't think I had ever seen Sam dance like that. I was cracking up. He was so awkward. I loved it.
The party ended at midnight (5.5 hours long?!). It was such a fun night. I am looking forward to next year already!


Roo said...

so fun! you look pretty. Its nice to dress up once in a while. I feel like I am getting to comfy in my mom clothes... i need a SLB party. :)

Geevz said...

I don't think you look pregnant at all! Is Sam actually shorter than you? He doesn't look like it.

Paxton said...

I LOVE getting dressed up for Christmas parties! Everyone always does Ugly Sweater, but if I ever get to host a real adult party, it will be one you have to dress up for (just a warning!) Because seriously, how often do we get to wear something that is nice that doesn't have child fingerprints all over it ;-)

Also, in the group picture... the girl behind the guy in the middle... she looks naked. I realize she's not, just the color of her dress, and the way she's partially hidden... but I definitely did a double take. hahahaha!
...maybe it's just me?

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