Toward the Light

I am sure this is an elementary concept to most: as you walk toward a light, your shadow shifts. Tonight, as I paced the back of the chapel with Edison during the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, I noticed the shift of my shadow. Shadows are interesting. I am going to make a cheesy comparison now.

I am far from being a perfect person. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by my imperfections. I think back to the person I used to be, how I used to act or treat others, and it makes me so disappointed in myself. I want to keep improving but I notice that I am trudging through my mistakes again.

I realized that as long as I am trying to be better, and walking toward the light, I can leave all of my mistakes behind me. I wish I never got upset with my kids, but I do. Tomorrow I will be better. Each day I want to be better than the day before. I don't want to see my shadow anymore. But I am glad it is still there. Just to remind me when I do turn around, that I should stop because I don't want to go that way again. I am so grateful for the Atonement that allows me to move away from my shadow and closer to the Light.


Matthew & Laura said...

It is only when the light is directly over you, that you can't see your shadow anymore. You are a wonderful person Emily. I am happy to have you as a sister. :) -Laura

Janelle said...

And as you walk closer to the light, the shadow gets less and less distinct until you are enveloped in the light and the shadow is gone completely.

The Monsons said...

Love this! A great reminder, you are a great mom, and woman!

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