Ward Christmas Party


We were at the ward Christmas party for less than an hour. I went to show my support for the young women. We were having a silent dessert auction to earn money for Girls Camp. I made the most delicious chocolate cake ever. I made the same recipe for Sam's 29th birthday. It costs about $20 for ingredients. It sold for $35 and I don't get any of it (that's the idea, and I knew it). I thought the desserts would go for more, but there were so many there, and they all started at $5, so they didn't have to sell for very much.


The white cake was a Color Me cake. It came with edible markers so you could draw on the fondant and then eat the cake. Such a great idea!
The chocolate cake with almonds on top is the one I made. Amazing. I still remember it from a year and a half ago. A lady I visit teach bought it and she said it was delicious. She wouldn't share it with her kids because they wouldn't have appreciated it and she wanted to keep it all to herself. That means it's good. I am glad someone appreciated it.



Geevz said...

Goodness, $20! What is in it? It sure looks delicious though

Paxton said...

You need to share that recipe on a tuesday thyme! (or maybe you already did?)
The edible markers on fondant IS a brilliant idea! how cool! Maybe as cupcakes for a birthday party? ...hmmm messy!

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