My View Today

I think this may be the first time I have ever done one of these Picture a Day things. We'll see how it goes. I guess this will mean I post more than once a day since I have some other things to record as well. That will be crazy.


Edison's skin is so perfect. I can't stop kissing him.


I knew it was bad news when I heard Alex yelling, "Mommy! I pooped!" when he should have been sleeping. But I try not to go in after he's been put to bed. After he stopped talking, I went in and found him diaperless. And yes, he had peed the bed. No poop though!


I am in love with these little boys. Their bums and faces, it's all cute. That is my view today.


The Monsons said...

I love this idea. I need to record more of our day-to-day simple activities, rather than just the big events in life. I might join you in this if that's okay! Cute pictures and cute boys! Kids always have the best skin!!

Spencer and Anna said...

Just seeing all the pictures of Edison is getting me excited for our little boy to come. :) I can't wait to squish chubby baby cheeks.

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