On February 1st, I was talking to my friend about working out. She is a personal trainer at a gym and could kick my butt with her amazingness. She told me that someone challenged her to do 3000 pushups and 3000 situps in the month of February. I decided I could do that, too. That is about 104 of each every day. I quickly realized that I would not be able to do that many pushups, so I changed my goal to 1000 pushups and 3000 abdominal movements... I was getting bored doing situps only. At the end of the month, I was able to finish all 3000 situps. However, I only finished 205 pushups! Failure.

Alex wanted to workout his abs with me one day. He is better at them than I am.

 This would probably be a good time to talk about weight loss. That is all people talk to me about these days. I enjoy talking about it though, so it's fine.

On September 15th, my sister-in-law, Laura, and I decided we wanted to do a Family 5K at Thanksgiving. I started running but didn't really change anything else. I was able to lose a few pounds but I didn't meet my goal of losing 15 pounds by Thanksgiving. A few days into the year, I came across an app on the iPhone that was an easy way to count calories. I had never counted calories before in my life. Honestly, I didn't want to count calories. I was scared that I would ruin my relationship with food and it would become a fear of food. Instead, I feel like I have a better understanding of food now.

At first it was really hard. I wanted to eat everything. I knew I couldn't have popcorn, a smoothie, and chips and stay within my caloric goal. I would read labels and have to set priorities. Still, every day, I have to ask myself: How much do I really want this? Do I want this more than that? It helps to remind myself that if I eat a ton right now, I am using up all of my calories meant for dinner.

I have realized that if I want to be full for longer, I need to eat more food. That means I can't eat 10 chips as a meal. Instead I need to have something like pasta, tacos, or salad. I can still have really yummy food. The hardest thing for me has been tortilla chips. I love chips and dip and it used to be a daily thing for me.

Now, I am far from perfect. I actually go over my goal a few times a week. I have days when I open the pantry and I think, "I just don't care right now."

This has been my first diet of my life though. It has been an interesting experience. I have reached my weight loss goal now, but I continue to count calories. I like knowing what I am putting in my body. It helps me realize that I may not be hungry when I think I am, and maybe I just want water or I have something going on emotionally.

Sam has been running during lunch every day since July. He was getting frustrated because he wasn't losing weight very much either. We started counting calories together. We discovered that he was eating too few calories and his body was entering starvation mode. Oh, if only I had such a serious problem...

Since September 15th, I have lost 25 pounds. I weigh how much I weighed when Sam and I got married. I fit skirts that I haven't worn since before we were married. I feel great about myself. I am so proud I was able to accomplish something I wanted to do. Most days, I have tons of energy and I am happier. Since Sam started working out in July, he has lost 40 pounds. He fits into a suit he bought on his mission (10 years ago), and it is even a little loose! It has been a great change for our family. We are both working out still, but have realized that working out alone does not solve the problem. Diet is so important, and I am doing my best to plan healthy, well-balanced meals for the whole family.


Paxton said...

That is pretty awesome! I am so proud and jealous of you! Counting calories really is an eye opener on what we actually eat!

Kristen Sheranian said...

Wow that is so awesome! We need to take some pages out of your book and make a change! So proud of you!

Rachel said...

Way to go, Emily (and Sam)! That is awesome! A lot of what you learned is portion control which sadly isn't something a lot of people understand. I learned much of the same things when I had gestational diabetes with Emi. I learned how to chose food wisely and portion control plays a big part in being healthy.
Seriously, congrats again! It's no small feat to lose weight and you deserve a pat on the back..or two!

Kristi said...

Wow! Great job! I've sort of fallen off the diet/exercise bandwagon. Oh well.

The Monsons said...

What!! Holy cow you two are awesome!! Sam 40 lbs! And you 25! Way to go!! Was the app you used "lose it"? I used that one and loved it, and lost 30 lbs before I got pregnant again. This post makes me excited for post-baby workouts and weight loss. Seriously, way to go!!!

The Monsons said...

In addtion, I just watched the little video. Hilarious, and good example for your kids!

Haha Sam..."what is daddy doing? Being faaaat"...made me laugh out loud.

Jershelly said...

Way to go Emily and Sam! I've never been very good at working out (or counting calories for that matter), but I am actually a little excited to start doing some sort of workout program with Jershon after my 6 week check up.

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Way to go Emily and Sam! That is wonderful.

I am pretty much an alien who is just lucky. I got on the scale 3 weeks ago and realized I am 10 lbs less than whenI got pregnant. I didn't do anything. Maybe more vegetable and chasing a mobile child have something to do with it. I was afraid to tell Eric because it would make him sad.

Have you seen on youtube or netflix the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead? Eric watched it about a month ago. It's about a rich guy who is about 350 lbs and decides it's time to be proactive. He starts juicing a gijillion vegetables with some lemon (for flavor) and that is all he eats for 60 days. At the end he is like 180. The premise is that you could never eat 15 lbs of vegetables in a day, but you CAN drink the juice from them.

Eric wanted to try it. When he was diligent he lost 10 lbs in two weeks, but then he got lazy and only juiced like 3 times a week, so he stopped losing weight. He is trying to get on the band wagon again though.

Anyway, my point is, watch the video. You would appreciate it. And Congratulations!

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