Breeja's Swim Meet

Breeja Larson and I knew each other in high school. I swam with her older sister and we became friends after I graduated and she was starting her freshman year. She turned into an amazing swimmer and just keeps getting better. She is currently a sophomore at Texas A&M. Alex, Edison, and I went to watch her swim meet against University of Houston. She was amazing, as usual. She makes it look so pretty, and so easy.


Horrible pictures, but it was indoor and I was far away. Oh well. Hello, Breeja!


Since this meet, she broke the NCAA 100 breaststroke record and then the American record for the 100 breaststroke. I am excited to watch her in the 2012 Olympics in London.


It is rare that I feel dwarfed by someone. I felt that way standing next to Breeja. She has grown since high school. Not just that, but she has swimmer shoulders. She is so humble, and kind, and thoughtful. I could not believe how easily we were able to catch up and that she hurried out of the locker room so she would be able to talk to me longer. She is awesome.


 Things I want to remember:
1. Alex asking if he could get in the water.
2. While some swimmers were racing Butterfly, Alex said, "Oooh! Dolphin!"
3. After he saw a flipturn for the first time, he said, "They flip over!"

Things I want to forget:
1. Alex dropping his toy car over the banister and onto the pool deck.
2. Alex trying to replicate the car's adventure with his own body.

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Janelle said...

How fun to go see her swim! I'll be watching the olympics too. Did someone toss his car back up to him? I'm so glad you caught that adventure before he succeeded. Scary.

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