Church Basketball

Sam played church basketball for our ward. They only had four games and no championship so it seemed to go very quickly, but Sam enjoyed it. Three of the games started at 9pm so we were only able to go to the one game that started at 7pm. The picture quality is very poor because I was trying to take pictures from across the cultural hall.


Alex wanted to get out there and play. He got hit by a ball during warm up though and he was very broken up about it.


Edison had a friend to play with and he was happy eating his friend's toys.


Sam was really into it. Whoa.



Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

That guy's arm is squishing Sam's so it looks like he has monster muscles....or maybe he does. Haha I love the faced in the background compared to Sam's

Rachel said...

Sam's face in that last pic is AWESOME.

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