Two Kids

The decision to have another child was a little conflicting sometimes. Of course I wanted more kids! I love Alex and he brings me so much joy. I wanted to increase my ability to love and also give Alex the opportunity to have what I had with my siblings. But then I knew another child would distract me and would not allow me to give Alex as much attention anymore. Once Edison was born, I loved them both and had to find a way to give them both what they needed. I feel bad for anyone who decides to stop after only one child though. They would miss this, and that is sad.

I want to freeze my kids at this age. It is perfect. They are both so fun and I cannot believe how adorable they are. Alex talks like a grown up -- the attitude at least. Edison is walking and responsive and grinning. They are both perfect. I love having two kids!


The first minute of the video is the part I love. I have been looking forward to them interacting like this. This is what I always dreamed about. They make me so happy. I have the best job ever.


Paxton said...

Amen! When my kids play together (without screaming) it is just the best feeling ever!

Jershelly said...

I can't wait for Porter to be old enough to play with Landon (although I'm not trying to rush his baby stage... I love the baby stage as well). Also...at the beginning of your post when you said "The decision to have another child was a little conflicting sometimes", I thought that you were announcing something. Haha. I was like "wait? Did I miss something?"... then I read the next sentence. Haha.

Ben and Dena said...

Some days I want to kill mine, but I also love having the two together- they are so sweet (except when they aren't) and it's really neat to watch them grow to love each other so much!

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

I agree. Best. Job. Ever. I have been working some recently :( and the time away from home makes me so sad. I just wish I could find a little kid to take care of in my home so I wouldn't need to be gone.

Anyway, your boys are super cute together and I can't wait for when Eric and I have another child and to watch them all grow.

So. Basically 2 years later, yesterday I finished The Help. I promised I would tell you when I finally read it. I really loved it. It was incredibly interesting. I had to go ask my parents if high school was anything like that for them. (The book is 1962, which is when they started at Mesa High.) The crazy racist things that go on didn't sound like anything I'd ever heard from them, but I was right. Mesa just didn't have very many black people. They said the segregation didn't really happen here.

But boy is that book an eye opener for the South. My one complaint is that I felt like it ended too abruptly. I was totally looking for an epilogue. But I am so happy I finished it.

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