Recent and Not-So-Recent

There have been a few things that just got skipped over but I still want to record them.

We couldn't find if we were allowed to throw away our Christmas tree whole and we hadn't seen any neighbors doing it. So Sam spent an hour cutting it all into pieces. Then we learned that we were allowed to put the whole thing out. But we had neighbors throwing out their trees in February!
It rained a ton in December and January. It was ridiculous.


Two months after the accident, we finally settled with the insurance company. My dad encouraged me to try to negotiate with them since we  had just replaced the air conditioning system. It paid off, but it did take quite a bit longer to figure things out.


But of course, our Sonata started having problems again. This time the cruise control would not engage/disengage.


Chick-Fil-A was giving out free breakfast one day. We had never had breakfast there before. It was delicious.
Sam and I both predicted the Super Bowl coin toss so we each got a free large pizza and 2-liter of soda. That made two fun weekends in a row! But then Alex started asking for pizza, soda, and cupcakes every night. I don't know where he got the cupcake part.


The Young Women had New Beginnings. The theme was Personal Progress: The Ultimate Tool. We talked all about how, like duct tape can be used for everything, personal progress is there to help with whatever we need. It was really awesome but resulted in a lot of work for Terri because she is the duct tape master and she made personal progress book covers for all of the girls and leaders. She also made duct tape flowers for the incoming Beehives. The rest of us helped make the duct tape banner.


I went to see The Vow and then went out to dinner with two girls from my ward, and a ton of girls from another ward. I knew none of the other girls, and because we got there a little late, we ended up sitting separately anyway. But it was fun to visit during dinner. We drove to Katy to see the movie and it ended up being a six hour girls night out. Whoa.


Our friends invited us over for game night. Alex was entertained on the trampoline outside, but it was hard to play with Edison climbing all over us. We played a drawing game, which I am so bad at that it was hilarious. Garland made us a delicious dessert.


The boys love when Sam gets home from work. He is so good at playing with them.


Other things of note:
-We turned on our air conditioner on March 19th. It was unbearable. We tried opening the windows at night but it was still getting into the 80s indoor during the day. Not cool.
-I had an emotional month. I felt like I couldn't find a good balance in my life. I am trying not to compare Texas to other places we've lived because it would lose every comparison. It got to the point where I was looking back at Allentown in a positive manner. Allentown: the bane of my existence. Weird. But things are getting better again. General Conference definitely helped. Sometimes I just need a firm "Stop it!" Thanks, President Uchtdorf.
-The company I bought the bidet from at Christmas offered me a free one if I would leave them a positive review. I did so, and we got a free bidet! Honestly, I don't even use one bidet so we didn't need two. So I listed it on Craigslist. A guy called me about it, and left me a message. He called it a "biddy-titty." I was laughing so hard and I saved the message so I can laugh anytime I want. I love Indian accents.


Matthew & Laura said...

Ok, I honestly just laughed out loud at that last part. I am so glad you saved that message.

Holly Decker said...

1. soooo.... was the vow any good? i just barely watched the trailer since you mentioned it.
2. dude. i agree. we are a one bidet family ourselves. two is kinda pushing it.
3. i know the feeling of the longing for a different city/previous location. i seriously need to start loving mesa. WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Janelle said...

I'm still laughing out loud.

Jershelly said...

Is that your car with water halfway up the side? And I've never used a bidet but I've heard they are pretty cool.

Merkley Jiating said...

No. That is not our car. It was a picture a friend took a few miles from our house.

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