The Work Walk

We got to work really early to pick up Sam one day so I decided to let the boys wander campus before Sam came out. I didn't realize that SLB's campus is so big and beautiful. Alex enjoyed spotting squirrels. Edison enjoyed the winding sidewalks. I enjoyed the lack of ant bites we had at the end; that is always a surprise in Texas.




We were watching this caterpillar crawl along the sidewalk when a group of workers walked by. They stopped to watch with us, and then a girl scooped up the caterpillar and put it on Alex's arm. After the group walked away, a man walked by. He saw what was on Alex's arm, flicked it off, stepped on it, and then said, "Poison!" I guess there are a lot of poisonous caterpillars. Who knew? I am glad Alex is okay. I am also glad Alex didn't see him kill it, because I think that could have been traumatizing.



Holly Decker said...

dude. aren't poisonous caterpillars only in... like... the rainforest or something? come on people! you just murdered a future BUTTERFLY!
sorry... that would have really irritated me.

Paxton said...

Haha, who knows what's poisonous and what not. There are so many bugs in the south and they only get bigger the further south you go! :-P
Glad you had no ant bites though!

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