Garage Sale by Numbers

Hours we each spent preparing for the sale: 13.
Hours we spent working the sale: 6.5
Hourly pay for each of us: $8.
Times we looked at each other and realized something else had been stolen: 12.
Times we were stubborn with lowering prices and ended up getting our way: 20.
Things we should have lowered the price on but didn't and now we still have: 48.
 Total earnings: $311.70.


While we were organizing things inside the house, Edison kept getting into everything. He found these pacifiers and carried them all over the place.


We counted our earnings and then went to the store. We turned in our coins and got a gift card to the grocery store so there wouldn't be a fee. It worked out perfectly.


I had told myself that if we didn't earn at least $300 then I wouldn't have another garage sale. But I think it was totally worth it, and since we seem to relocate and change our needs a lot, we will probably have a lot more garage sales.

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