Alex is very clearly in the "Why?" stage. It has been my goal to never say, "Because I said so" to him. I have found a way around that by saying, "Because I'm the boss and you need to be obedient." I know that asking questions is a way of learning and I don't want to stifle his thirst for knowledge. I didn't realize how aggravating the incessant whys can become.

Today we decided to count how many times he said "Why?" It wasn't as many as I was expecting, but I also think I may have missed some. I have become somewhat numb to the whys. I just automatically answer and then I realize I have missed a few whys. The total count for today was 175. At breakfast alone, he asked "Why?" twenty-eight times. He had one run of 53 whys.

Our only relief is to ask him "Why?" in return. He gets so flustered. He says, "Betuz, betuz... I don't know!" It is hilarious.



Janelle said...

Alex, why do you ask so many questions?

Janet said...

I used to hate "because I said so" when I was a kid, but 175 whys? hahaha that's too much.

Jershelly said...

That's hilarious!... and frustrating. Landon has started saying "(word)...means?" He will make up words like "toe-dash means?" and ask it over and over asking what that word means. Haha.

And to answer your question...my sister's date for prom is 16. Haha. He looks super young though. My sister just turned 17 yesterday.

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