Our Super Extravagent Anniversary

We sure know how to celebrate our anniversary.

First, I went to the dentist while a friend watched the boys and took them to playgroup.

Second, we met Sam for lunch. But the boys were so exhausted from their fun morning that Alex fell asleep in the car on the way there. Then they both refused to eat anything and instead threw lemons all over the floor. Normal restaurant behavior.


Third, later that afternoon I took Alex and Edison to the dentist. They were amazing. All of the hygienists were gathered around and could not stop commenting on how good the boys were being. The boys ended up getting their teeth cleaned because they were both being so good. Originally they were just going to let them sit in the chair. I was worried because Alex's only knowledge of the dentist is Finding Nemo, which is not great. But I was really excited and I think my good attitude carried over to him. Both boys were cavity free and they loved the bags of toothbrushes, toothpaste, toys, and stickers they were given.


Fourth, this was the day we found out we are moving. Crazy, confusing day.

Fifth, I went to mutual but the boys came too because Sam and I had temple recommend interviews.


Totally a party.


Paxton said...

Haha, the dentist on your birthday? You party animal!

Paxton said...

Birthday? What? Ok so I can't read... I meant anniversary ;-)

Just checking to see if You read my comments...Naha! Or am I just that daft? Hmmmmm

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