I got so far behind on blogging, so now I get to write about Mother's Day and Father's Day together! Let's pretend like I planned it this way.

Dad is such a special guy. Sometimes I think I need to grow up and stop calling him every single time I have a question about computers or cars or making big purchases. But then I realize it is just like I am looking something up in an encyclopedia. He is that great. I will love this man forever.


Mom and I can talk for hours. Even on the phone. We are so much alike that it is aggravating if we spend too much time together. I don't like hearing my thoughts come out of someone else's mouth. But she is pretty awesome and I will gladly look like her one day! Some people say that day has already come!


My father-in-law helped Sam become who he is today, so for that I love him. Hearing him laugh at his own jokes is hilarious, and I must be getting older, because sometimes I think his jokes are funny, too. But shhh, don't tell him.


My mother-in-law is kind and nurturing. It has been wonderful to watch her be a grandmother to my boys. She cares so well for anyone she loves, which is pretty much everyone.


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Janelle said...

That early in the morning picture of me is pretty scary, but I love you too.

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