Ron Paul Rally

Just a few minutes after we got back from San Antonio, I left all of the boys at home and headed into Houston. I was so excited to hear Ron Paul speak at University of Houston. It was insanely loud in there. Chanting and screaming and all sorts of cheering. It was so fun. I took a video of when Ron Paul entered the arena, but just imagine deafening noise and that should suffice.


I really like Ron Paul and I wish more people would listen to him. I feel like he has passion with reason. A good reason.

Of course the boys were having a party at home. Popcorn and a movie in bed?! Lucky kids.




Janelle said...

The joy inside Edison looks like it has almost reached critical mass. I don't know how he contains it.

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

That last picture of Edison is so adorable.

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