Big Boy Bed

Our apartment is furnished. When we got here, it had nine twin beds in it. We had talked to Alex about moving into a big boy bed and he seemed excited. I got the blanket for his new bed while we were still in Texas and I let him sleep with it in his crib. When we arrived, we made his bed and he was so excited to sleep in it. He called it his "Big Mommy bed."


I was hesitant to move Alex into a big bed because he had never attempted to climb out of his crib. I think that is the reason we had such a successful transfer though. It is like it didn't occur to him that he could climb out of the big bed either!


The first night, he slept through the night and in the morning, he yelled, "Mommy! Daddy! I woke up! Come get me!" He still does this every morning and afternoon after his nap, more than a month later.

Alex took a penny to bed one night. I heard him coughing and I went in and he said, "I swallowed the penny. It's all gone." So now we have to be more careful what he has with him.


One morning, I went in and asked him if he had stayed in bed and he said, "I dropped my car and got out of bed, picked it up." Such a rebel.

Alex wasn't the only one who got a big bed. Edison has been sleeping in a Pack N Play his entire life. He got moved up to the crib and he was so excited!


A few nights ago, Alex fell out of bed for the first time. He whimpered and was asleep before I had him back in bed. I cuddled him for a few minutes and then it took longer than that to get Edison back to sleep from the loud bang that had startled him.

I feel like this was Alex's first step to being grown up. He is in a real bed now. I want to keep him as a baby forever but he keeps getting bigger and smarter! That knucklehead.

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Jershelly said...

I am glad that the transition went well. We have been lucky so far with Landon too.

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