Goodbye Dinners

Before we left Texas, the Houston MILRs wanted to meet up for dinner one last time. This was less than two weeks before Jason and Kirsten were getting married so it was really fun to talk to everyone about what was going on in their lives and say adieu. The waiter was really confused and he asked us where we were from because he had heard us talking about New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and India. It was a party.

Thanks for planning this and taking the time to meet up! We will miss all of you!
(Jen, Jason, Kirsten, Saranya)


A few girls from my ward went out to dinner without husbands or kids. We were supposed to go to a movie as well but movie times weren't working out so Danika and I went on a date to a movie the next week. These were my favorite people in Texas and I miss them! 
(Ariel, Danika, Kristy)


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