Happy 3rd Birthday, Alex!


My 7 pound 9 ounce helpless baby has grown into a talkative, independent, athletic, loving three-year-old. It is strange to think that I have a child that old, but I know I am incredibly blessed to spend every day with him. He teaches me so many things and I hope I come up with something to teach him as well. He is so good at enjoying the moment and making the most of whatever he has. I love his 'nuggles.

I interviewed Alex today and plan to ask him the same questions every year. It is shocking to me how much he understands. He is such a smart kid who learns so many new things each day.

Per tradition, the proud parents reflect on the amazing birthday boy.


Laura And Matthew said...

I can't handle the cuteness that is bursting out of that kid of yours Emily. Its too much. Too much cuteness.

The Denham Duo said...

He is so cute!!!! I can't believe he's already 3!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a video scrapbook for each child! You are awesome Sam and Emily! Happy Birthday to my First 1st cousin once removed! :)

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