The First Few Days

Our stuff was supposed to be delivered by July 18th or 19th. Our car arrived on the 19th but it was scratched. It ended up being more than $900 in damage.

We were told our household goods were going to be delayed because Graebel was not able to get in touch with the driver. At all. So they gave us a $250 shopping spree while we were waiting for our clothes.

Our stuff arrived on the 23rd. The driver called the day before and said he was in town but he didn't have anyone to help him unload so if we wanted to help then he could bring it over that night. Otherwise he would come the next morning with help. We live on the second floor which would not have been pleasant so we waited until the next day.

The driver arrived at 8:15am and then called people trying to get someone to help him unload. Sam helped for two hours and then someone from Graebel called and said he wasn't supposed to be helping. He ended up getting hired to unload and got $150.

The boys loved playing on the boxes. Edison did not love that we used a lamp cord to tie the top of his highchair onto our kitchen chair because we hadn't found the legs yet.


The driver was horrible. He didn't leave until 7pm. He was using every excuse to not have to carry our stuff upstairs and instead he kept rearranging the boxes and was waiting for Sam to lift the heavy boxes. At the end while we were checking off the inventory, we were missing a box. He was blaming us for starting to unpack. As if I wouldn't have started to unpack in the 11 hours we were waiting for all of the boxes. Ugh.

This was by far the worst move I have ever experienced. There was so much damage and they ended up paying us more than $2,000 for everything. It was ridiculous. I guess I will just have to wear my new clothes to calm the residual stress.


My mom came to town the night our stuff got here. She helped us unpack and move in a little bit. It was nice to have a family face in an unfamiliar place. Edison also decided to help unpack the pepper. Thanks for nothing, Edison! He was sneezing so much and it was adorable.



Thais said...

At least you got your money. We had over $1,500 of damage, had to replace almost all of our furniture, Tyler's piano is still broken and our claims are being ignored. It's been three months and we still don't have our money back. Not to mention they were 10 days late and wouldn't give us our stuff unless we paid $800 more because they couldn't park right in front of our apartment. We're going to small claims court.

Andrea said...

you are a better person than me. i dont think i couldve dealt with the stress!!!

Geevz said...

Incompetence is SO frustrating! I'm glad you were compensated. I can deal with a lot of irritation for $2000 :)

Carissa and Tanner said...

Our moving experience here was almost as bad as that...not quite...but pretty annoying. And I'm super jealous of your walk in closet. Our's you can almost "walk-in". Glad I can blog stalk you now too!

Jershelly said...

Man. That's so annoying! Doesn't sound like a very good moving company.

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