New Truck

Flannel is doing a study abroad in Paris for a semester so Sam flew to Utah, stole Flannel's truck, and drove it back to Williston. Although the truck is a gas guzzler, it has been so nice to have two vehicles again and I am really excited to have a truck in the winter. It makes driving around here less intimidating.

We took the boys outside to see the truck for the first time. They didn't seem to understand that it would be ours for a little while.


We've never had a truck before so I occasionally make the mistake of referring to it as a car. If Alex hears me, he laughs and says, "It's a truck! You said 'Car!'" I love that kid.

It is legal to have Alex forward facing in the middle of the front seat in North Dakota. We don't do it unless we have to (which has been once) and he loved it. Now he asks to sit in the front seat all the time.


My padre is always looking out for us. I am so glad he is letting us use this truck while Flannel is gallivanting around France. Although I only drive the truck once or twice a week, it is mentally freeing to not be stuck at home every day.


Sarah said...

Glad to see your blogging again! I figured you must have gotten busy to go almost 3 weeks with out blogging. I met your sister Michelle and her husband and son at grandma's dinner party a few weekends ago. Are you starting to like Williston now? or just making the best of it while you are there?

Janelle said...

Is it running on CNG at all?

MeganandClaudy said...

I hear you. Claudy has been trying to leave the car at home while he is at school and it makes a WORLD of difference. Even if I don't go anywhere, just knowing that I COULD go somewhere makes my anxiety/stress/worry/boredom go away. It's the option that really helps versus feeling stuck. Enjoy the truck :)

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