Ward Service Project

Our ward had a service project to clean up a nearby park. It was the same park where the Chokecherry Festival was held. I had noticed during the festival that the park was kind of a mess. Cigarette butts and wrappers everywhere. People sleep in this park sometimes so it was kind of nasty.


I feel like I could have sat in the same place for five minutes and never run out of garbage just by turning in a circle. Each time I picked up something, it unearthed more garbage. I wish it would have felt like we made more of a dent in the litter but I am glad we could help make it a little better.

After we called it quits at the park, we headed to our church building to clear weeds and trim trees. Alex made a friend with a little boy and they were running around nonstop. At one point, I was freaking out because we couldn't find them. They had run completely around the building and we coming up behind us before we found them.


While we were eating lunch at the end, Sam was talking to a guy (Tanner) and realized that they knew each other from Layton. Then Sam learned that one of his good friends from high school (Amy) lives here and I had already met her at a baby shower! Such a small world. Sam has gone golfing with Tanner and Amy's husband multiple times now and has an early tee time set for tomorrow. He is so happy to be golfing again and I am glad he could find nice guys to give him some good competition.


MeganandClaudy said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. It made me not feel so alone. I'm sorry that you've experienced this motherly loneliness too though. It can be a real downer. However, it's funny that you of all people would admit you feel that way. I look at your blog, with your amazing birthday parties, and fun travels and would have never guessed you felt that way. I guess we all have to take our turns. And, I think I'm leaning towards (still figuring it out) that my kids don't have to fulfill me in every way. And that's OK. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with us. Sure wish we lived closer! Hope you can find some good sisters in your ward to share in your awesomeness. :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I love how small the world is! :)

The LaPierre Crew said...

Hey Lady! Glad I found your blog...too fun!

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