Edison Goes To Nursery

I was looking forward to this day for months. Edison was very excited about nursery as well. He walked in and saw the toys and he was set. We left the boys in there, and I went to teach my primary lesson and Sam went to Sunday School. I was walking back and forth across the hallway as I gathered extra chairs for my classroom. On my very last trip, I walked into the classroom and Edison wandered in behind me. I was so confused. My classroom is all the way down the hallway and past an exit to the church building. I grabbed Edison and walked him back to Sam in Sunday School. I asked Sam why he had taken him out of nursery. He hadn't. The nursery leaders had not even noticed that he had walked out. I am so glad that I was in the hallway because that had never happened before or since. It is scary to think what would have happened if Edison hadn't found me.


This week happened to be the week the Bishop talked about not taking pictures at church. Whoops. Edison goes to nursery gladly and they have never had to bring him to us, but at the end of church when we go get him, he always runs over to me, grabs my hand, and tries to drag me away. He doesn't even wait for me to get Alex! When we ask Alex for a recap of nursery, he always tells us that Edison spilled his water again. Maybe they will learn to stop giving him big cups of water. These boys crack me up.

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Jershelly said...

That is scary! How did he escape?

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