5 O'Clock

The alarm went off on my phone to remind me that it was five minutes until 5pm. We were checking out at the grocery store: not exciting! But then I walked outside.

It was so windy. After buckling the boys into their carseats, I climbed into the driver's seat and saw a shopping cart flying across the parking lot. I considered jumping out but knew I wouldn't be able to catch it. It was going faster than I can run. I saw it heading toward another truck and I could tell it would leave a huge dent. Suddenly, a man jumped out of his truck and sprinted over to stop the cart. He stood between a stranger's truck and the cart and let the cart smash into him. I was really impressed. He was cracking up the whole time. That's a good person.

Thirty MPH winds are scary with kids! When we walked out of the post office, both boys got knocked on their faces. One good thing is that the wind makes my hair look great. I think it qualifies as a good hair day!


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Geevz said...

Yuck! I don't mind cold in general because I can layer it up enough to be somewhat comfortable, but wind, wind makes me want to shoot myself. Then I don't bother because the wind would probably make me miss.

You have my sympathy since I have never had to deal with it with a kid.

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