My brain has detached from reality. I checked the weather this afternoon and my crazy brain thought, "Ooh, it's warm outside." It was 18 degrees. Insane, I tell you. I guess it is all relative and it was warmer than the four degrees it had been while we were walking to our friend's house this morning.

We had to go to the airport tonight to pick up a rental car for Sam's trip to Minot tomorrow. (We don't want him to put so many miles on our car.) Sam said, "Is this going to turn into an ice cream run?" I left it up to Alex. He yelled his excitement for ice cream. We had to go get it after that.


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Andrea said...

i might do one of 2 things:
1. DIE of freezing to death
2. LOVE not feeling like my internal toasty 102 temp for a change.

bottom line? ice cream at 18 degrees? you are superwoman!

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