The View From Our Window

The boys love looking out at the cars driving by. Edison spends a lot of time leaving little handprints on this door.


It isn't very noticeable in the above picture, but Alex had an accident last night. Some friends came over for dinner and the boys were hyper beyond reason. Alex fell back and hit his head on the corner of the wall. I saw it happen and knew it had hurt, but I didn't think his head would split open. But it did. Sam was dabbing at the blood and it didn't seem too bad. Not much earlier, we were joking about how amazing it was that we had never been to the ER for an injury because the boys were jumping off of the couches and going insane.


It couldn't have happened at a better time though. Carissa is a physician's assistant in the ER here. She and Tanner went home and got what is basically super glue and then she glued his head back together. It wasn't bleeding very much and Alex is recovering. He has been acting like his usual self all day. It is sensitive but I think it will heal well enough and his hair will cover any scar.


I am a bad mom. I tried to stick a big bandaid on it. I didn't even consider taking him to the doctor. I was like, "Meh. It'll heal. Now stop moving so I can take a picture."



jeanene c said...

The ER nurse says you did exactly the right thing. Stitches are usually not really needed. They are convenient, but cuts heal. You can't tape over hair. The growth pushes the tape away. Glue is the best there. Watching how he acts is way more important. Unusual behavior might mean brain problems. That is very rare with a floor level fall though.

Janelle said...

I'll bet your 'non-concerned' attitude was just what Alex needed to calm any fears he was having. Remember 'oops, plop, get the mop'?

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