Our experience with the Sonata started out really great then turned very sour. I went through a time when I would look at the car and feel so much anger. How can a car with 500 miles on it have internal engine failure?! I hated that car. But then Hyundai agreed to let us get a different Sonata and I was able to come around to liking it again.

I like it even more now because it is ours. That's right. Last month I wrote the final check for our car payment. Not only is the car paid off, but that makes us debt free! I am so excited about this.

The streets in Williston are filthy but we got it washed it Utah and I feel like it is so beautiful now. I love that Alex calls it a racecar. This car has seen a lot of miles already. It isn't even a year old yet and we've already driven it 25,000. We need to slow down or our warranty isn't going to last very long!


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