We are in Bozeman, Montana and the internet connection is spotty in our hotel room. The lights are already off but the boys are climbing around in the dark and Edison just licked the computer screen. But I am not about to break my blogging streak!


Sam was able to leave work after lunch today. I had everything packed so we got on the road. We brought the DVD player this time and Alex has already watched three movies. Tomorrow the boys are each going to get a new toy car so hopefully that will help break up the second half of the drive. We ate dinner in Billings and discovered that Edison has a fever. Edison was so sad during the two hour drive to Bozeman. I feel bad that we are going to show up to Sam's parents house with a sick baby again. Last time we were there, we ended up in the ER with him. I hope he feels better soon because I am so excited to play for the next few days! One really nice thing about being out of school is that we don't have any homework. We are free!


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TrebleClef said...

Have an awesome Thanksgiving! Drive carefully.

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