Christmas in Williston

We have done a few things to celebrate the season. I love how the boys are getting into holidays more.

We built a gingerbread house using a kit. We had to wait until just before bedtime because Alex wouldn't eat his dinner faster. So we didn't have time to let the house sit for 15 minutes before decorating it. The whole thing collapsed just after we finished.


We went to the church building for an open house before the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. Edison was really enjoying the plethora of cookies.


I decided to make treats to take to friends here. I made Peppermint Chocolate Oreo fudge.


After we finished delivering the fudge, we went to a park that you drive through and the lights are coordinated with a radio station. We tuned in and then drove very slowly so the park would last longer. It was pretty small but the boys loved it. They also loved the mini candy canes and that they were allowed out of their carseats.


The ward Christmas party was embarrassing. The organization was horrible. We were told it wasn't a dinner. Then we were told it was a dessert potluck. Then they said everyone should bring appetizers or desserts. It turned out that hardly anyone brought anything. The food was gone within minutes. The organizer announced that they were going to the store to buy more and asked that no one leaves. We had eaten a big dinner so I was fine not eating anything and I hung around so the boys could see Santa. Then we learned that Santa would no longer be showing up. So the bishop handed out the bags. The boys loved it still. But then it was announced that we were going to sing a capella. That is when I put on the boys' coats and left. After the failure of the Halloween party, I don't know what I was expecting.


Alex told me what to write to Santa. "Dear Santa, Happy birthday! I want Frank, tractors, DJ, Wingo, Snot Rod, and Boost for Christmas. I was a good boy all year. Love, Alex."


We read the story of Jesus' birth and acted it out with our little nativity scene. Alex seemed to pick up on a lot of it and has been telling me every day that Christmas is Jesus' birthday.


Alex has been asking for more than a month if we could build a snowman. It was finally a semi-warm day so I bundled up the boys and we went outside.


It was nearly impossible to even get the snow to stick together for a snowball. It was 23 degrees outside so I guess we need to wait until it warms up some more. So June.




We can't fly to Arizona with all of the Christmas gifts because some of them are too heavy or too big and would take up all of the space in our suitcases. We planned to have an early Christmas. Alex was so excited about opening presents and now he asks every day if he can open the rest of them.





The boys got tons of train tracks! Alex got some for his birthday so he already had enough to make a figure 8. But now he can build a city. Edison was pushing all of their cars around the track and saying, "Choo choo" nonstop.


I printed the first four years of our blog! Merry Christmas to me! In a few weeks, I will have another book to print, too. I feel so accomplished. I have written four large books! I am so glad I have kept up this blog and that it can be a record for me and my posterity.


We are excited to fly to Arizona tomorrow. Alex has been insisting that we set up a Christmas tree and I told him we will have one once we get there. I am so excited to have Arizona be our home for the holidays!


Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

How fun!!
I was totally wanting to print my blog too!! Maybe some day... :) I can't wait to see you!

Andrea said...

Who did you use to print your blog?!?!

Holly Decker said...

man alive i am jealous of your blog books. i tried to do that two years ago and got really stressed trying to edit it and make it work. i feel like trying again, though. thanks for the reminder!

Janelley said...

Is that a CELJ shirt I spied in your first picture?! Love it! Yes, what do you use to print your blog books?

Sarah said...

The Christmas party sounds like such a disaster!! :( I missed reading about the halloween party. Poor ward, atleast it can only get better.

Geevz said...

Sounds like you are going to be in charge of the next party :)

Trains look like a big hit! Happy travels!

Spencer and Anna said...

We built that same gingerbread house. :) Hope you have a nice trip to AZ!

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Yay Christmas with family!

I have that same Little People nativity. It is the best. I'm so glad my mom found it.

Paxton said...

Blog books! How cool! Now you can come help me with mine ;-) And have you hit the wall on the amount of pictures you can put on your blog yet? That is the main reason I haven't posted again on my blog because it won't let me put more pictures on :-P

Your ward parties sound lame, SORRY! You should come out here, their ward parties are AWESOME and totally full of people and little kids! Remember that Relief Society lady who almost didn't let me do the 72 hr kits with you? haha, that always makes me laugh!

Glad you get to spend Christmas in Arizona I'm sure that is going to be great for you!

Have a WONDERFUL Christmas!!!!!

Jershelly said...

Great job keeping up your blog and making it into a book! You will be so happy!

Merkley Jiating said...

I used blog2print for my blog but a lot of people use blurb.

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