Glow Sticks

For Family Home Evening a few weeks ago, we put Alex and Edison in the bathtub. They were confused. Sam started telling them the story from the Book of Mormon about the Brother of Jared building boats and then seeing the finger of the Lord touch the stones to light the stones so they wouldn't have to cross the waters in darkness. I turned off the light and then we "touched" the glow sticks so they would light up. 



I don't know how much of the story they understood but they loved playing in the bathtub with the lights off and asked for the glow sticks for days and days after that night. Alex really loves Family Home Evening and asks for it all nights of the week.


Carissa and Tanner said...

Is Edison scared in that first picture? I love his face. You guys are so cool. Have I told you that before? Great lesson idea. I'm not kidding - I'm going to hire you to teach me how to be a mom :)

Sarah said...

Those are great pictures!! I love the black censor spots. the glow sticks looks cool in the bath tub in the dark

Merkley Jiating said...

I think Edison was just surprised by the flash because it was so dark in the bathroom.

Jershelly said...

That is such a neat idea!

Paxton said...

What a cool idea for a lesson! And Edison's face is AWESOME in the first picture! (you know... the one where you can actually see their faces, haha, i'm dumb)

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