NYE and Resolutions

We had plans to keep NYE very low-key. It was perfect for me. We used the boys' sparklers from their stockings. They are all little pyromaniacs and we couldn't light the sparklers fast enough for them.

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The boys also got some poppers in their stockings. Although the driveway was hard enough to make them explode, Matthew thought his abs would be hard enough to rival the driveway. They were able to get one to explode on him, but I am still unsure of why this was a good idea.

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Each boy got a glowstick and Edison had fun swinging it around. Alex and Edison took their glowsticks to bed that night.

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We played Spoons while waiting for the New Year.

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Midnight arrives much faster as an adult. We drank sparkling cider, kissed, and then looked around like "What now?"

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Keaton was feeling left out so he woke up just after midnight to celebrate the new year, too. Our little boys were sleeping soundly, even through my camera flash.

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I had set a few resolutions for 2012. One of my goals was to read from the Book of Mormon every day and to complete it twice. I did read every day and finished reading it once entirely. However, I only made it to Alma 30 the second time through before the year was over. Another goal was to run 500 miles during the year. Since I got pregnant in July, it didn't really go that way. But in the first six months of 2012, I ran 45 miles. So even without the pregnancy, 500 miles was kind of unattainable for me. I still say it was a good year and I grew so much during 2012. I have not set any resolutions for 2013. Just more of the same; I want to be better. I look forward to 2013 and our growing family.

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