A Warm Day

I really have lost my mind. By "a warm day," I mean it was in the mid-30s. Our friend Carissa had the day off work so we took advantage of the temperature and sunshine and went on a walk. We walked on a trail that had been cleared of snow so I was able to push the stroller.

 photo Carissa1_zps30015b04.jpg

We walked one direction on the trail and the boys were totally happy. But as soon as we turned around to go back to our cars, they were both freaking out. They were tired and cold and wanted to be carried. I think they realized we weren't headed to a destination.

 photo Carissa2_zps5b3df6a1.jpg

Carissa is way more on top of things than I am and she remembered to bring her camera. I am terrible and didn't even use her camera to take a picture of her. But she was there!

The doggies liked the walk but were worn out by the end of it, too.

 photo Carissa3_zps89fe2b6f.jpg

Edison fell down in the snow and I just stood there waiting for him to stand up while Carissa took a picture. I guess I should have helped him stand up or something motherly like that. Oops.

 photo Carissa4_zpsf596887f.jpg

Even though we were cold by the end of the walk, it was nice to get outside for a little. I used to take the boys on walks every day and I miss getting outside to play. It is supposed to be even warmer this week. I hope that means spring is coming!

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Paxton said...

Are you sure you are pregnant? I can barely see a bump there! You need to do a pregnancy shot so you can prove it!
And if you would have helped him up, you wouldn't have gotten the picture ;-) besides you are raising independent kids :-D

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