2 Sisters and 4 Sons

I am always trying to convince people to come visit me. Unfortunately, not very succesfully. One day, I got this text from my sister:

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I thought she had sent the text to me accidentally. I just couldn't believe she would want to come! But she did come. Sheldon wasn't able to take off work but Keaton and Everett were up for the long drive from Utah. They chose the perfect time to visit. The weather was (relatively) amazing the whole week they were here.

Michelle and crew arrived in the middle of the night so the boys were thrilled to see their cousins when they woke up on Monday morning. There was a lot of running and yelling. We also went on a walk around the neighborhood.

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On Tuesday, we went to Toddler Time at the library. We had never been before and it was pretty fun. We haven't been back because of my little sickies, but I plan to go back a lot more. I also took Michelle to Wal-Mart but she didn't think it was anything special. That night was our ward's Blue and Gold Banquet. There was a cake auction and they were going for hundreds of dollars each.

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On Wednesday, we went to open gymnastics to play for an hour. The boys knew just what to do even though we had never done it before. We walked in, they took off their shoes and coats, and started sprinting around.

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In the afternoon, we went bowling. Keaton chased after Michelle when she was going to bowl and he totally got whacked by the ball on her back swing. He recovered eventually, but it was pretty sad at the time.

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The boys were so cute and asked for ice cream cones so we granted their wish.

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This was also the day I started losing my voice. It is a cruel joke that there was someone around for me to talk to and I got laryngitis and wasn't able to talk to her. I was truly suffering mentally because of this.

That night, Michelle and I went to the comedy night at a nearby hotel. It was pretty funny and we got to see some crazy people. Including one really drunk guy who kept asking Michelle if she could hook him up. The comedy wasn't raunchy and we enjoyed our time there.

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On Thursday, we drove to the train station and then walked down Main Street. It was really fun to see the little shops up close instead of just driving by them. A highlight was when we went by a small Statue of Liberty and Keaton thought it was Jesus.

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It was a little chilly outside though and the boys got tired.

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Michelle put the boys to bed and Sam and I went on our first Williston date. We went to a Williston State College hockey game. They were playing University of Arizona. The cold air was a little rough for my throat but it was fun to spend time out with Sam.

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On Friday, we went to visit Sam at work. He was pretty busy so we didn't stay for long but it was fun to show Michelle a little bit of SLB.

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We went to a park and the playground was covered in ice. Alex and Keaton didn't seem to mind but Edison could not stay on his feet. It was like he was ice skating and he face planted three times.

We went and got frozen yogurt at the new place that just opened. I am so happy about it. I have been there four times already. Good "food" is coming to Williston!

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The boys had so much fun bowling the first time so we went again. We had the whole alley to ourselves and the boys wanted to run around instead of push the balls down the ramp.

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I took a four hour nap and woke up to the boys playing outside in the snow. I am glad Michelle was around to play with the boys because I was really exhausted.

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On Saturday, we went to Minot. The boys entertained each other for the two hour drive.

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We went to the Railroad Museum of Minot. The boys were having an awesome time but we got there an hour before closing so their fun was limited. It is not very big so we were able to see everything.

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We went to eat a really late lunch at Ebenezzer's. It was delicious and sometimes I imagine driving to Minot just to eat there again.

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After lunch, we went to the mall to play and shop. Mostly play.

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We tried to go to a restaurant for dinner but it had a 90 minute wait and it was already past 6pm. We had a two hour drive ahead of us so we went to Jimmy John's instead and then headed home.

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Keaton and Alex had to say goodbye on Sunday morning. It was so nice to have visitors for a week and I want them to come back again soon. Preferably at a time when I am able to talk!

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Janelle said...

I love those little guys. They just grab the world with both hands.

Janelle said...

And you BOTH broke 100 on both of your bowling games. I'm proud of you.

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