Boom, Baby!

There is not really very much to update about this pregnancy and Number Three, but my memory and the numbers on the bathroom scale have an inverse relationship so I better write things down before I forget.

I am 35 weeks along. I have gained 35 pounds. That's about where I should be, right?

 photo NumberThree_zps989d57cd.jpg

My official due date is in 31 days (one month from today!) and I have been told that I will be induced if I go more than a week overdue. So this baby will be out in 38 days at the most!

Not all of my maternity shirts fit me. I was standing over Edison one day and he looked up and poked my belly because he could see the skin. It is unfortunate that I don't fit maternity clothes though. I really am as giant as I think I am.

 photo NumberThree2_zps550591b5.jpg

Number Three is not as active as Number Two (Edison) was. Thank goodness because that was painful! Even though it isn't as crazy as spastic Edison, there is still a baby mosh pit going on in there. He likes to throw all twelve of his elbows around. I also get the unexpected, and painful, kicks. That is probably because he is hanging out sideways in my belly. There is a lot of jutting out and awkward bumps off to one side (always the right side) that even strangers have noticed.

Number Three gets hiccups all the time. I don't remember Thing One and Thing Two having hiccups so much. Number Three will get them for hours each time.

I have had a lot of groin pain. It has gotten to the point where I have to sit up and use my hands to move my legs when I want to roll over at night.

I am so hot all the time. If it is above 70 degrees in our house, I am trying to open a window.

We are getting super excited to meet him. I have noticed myself talking to him which is something I never did with Alex or Edison. The days are flying by and he is going to be here before I know it. Getting fat and feeling like I can't walk will totally be worth it. I am having a baby!


Andrea said...

so excited for you! i cant even believe that you'll have 3!!! crazy!!

also, you're not huge, i was just thinking to myself looking at that first picture thinking that you were small, and that the baby looked like he was sitting really high.

everyone in my family carries really low so their belly's look ENORMOUS! lol

Jershelly said...

Other people's pregnancies always seem like they go by so fast! I can't believe you're almost done!

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