Faceless Self-Portrait

Usually I have to do one or two takes before I am satisfied with a picture. Today's picture: 47. I counted because it was absurd. I just spent about 30 minutes trying to take a silhouette picture. But guess what. My arms are short and my body is large. I told myself I would take one more picture and use it. So here it is. Sam is lucky to have avoided the awkwardness that just occurred. I bet he's really glad he's at the gym. I would take going to the gym over seeing my silhouette in some of those pictures. Wow, I am a colossal woman.

Side note: Sam got home while I was posting this and I asked him for a word to describe a large, pregnant woman. What did my Ivy Leaguer come up with in about one second? Monolithic and leviathan. Not that he's thought about it or anything... Awww, true love.
{He expressly stated that none of those words apply to me though. Riiiiight.}

 photo image_zps1687fbe6.jpg


Janelle said...

OK. Help me out here. This picture was taken in the mirror because it looks like your ring is on your right hand. So where is the camera in the picture????

Andrea said...

Oh honey! My one word is rockstar! You are a rockstar!

Geevz said...

Whenever I start tearing up because I feel huge and ugly, I always tell the good Lord I will happily get even fatter with more stretch marks in return for a healthy baby.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes I just cry a bit more.

And I'm sure there was probably at least a few good ones to an impartial eye. Good luck with your final countdown!

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